How to split accounts to separate Client Area?

If you wish to split accounts from your own Client area into another one with different log in details or ownership details, we are always there to help. Like we always like to say – at WebHostFace we have as easy guide for pretty much everything 🙂     You simply need to send an email to from the administrative email for the account. In the email, you need to specify the following ownership details for the account:

  • New owner’s first and last name
  • New administrative email address
  • New contact phone number
  • New postal address, ZIP code, city and state
  • New company or organization name (if any)

After we get the email our experienced Support Team will split the accounts in the fastest possible manner and update you afterwards.

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Note: Only the current account owner is allowed to change the above information. To prove ownership, you need to have access to the administrative email address, the password for the Client area or the contact phone number.