How to set up an IMAP Account in MAC Mail?

Having an easy and effortless way to check your emails anywhere is something mandatory these days. If you are a MAC user, you would naturally choose MAC Mail as a preferred email client. So here is how to set up an IMAP account with it:

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  1. First you need to have your email accounts created from your Control Panel;
  2. Open the MAC Mail and choose File -> Add Account;
  3. Enter your full name, email account and password for it (if you get a certificate message, click on the Connect button to proceed);
  4. On the next step enter the following info for Incoming mails:
    • Account Type = IMAP
    • Description = can be used as an account alias
    • Incoming Server =
    • Username = Full email address
    • Password = Email password;
  5. On the Outgoing Mail Server you should have:
    • Outgoing Server =
    • Use Authentication = True
    • Username = Full email address
    • Password = Email password;
  6. You will see a summary of the settings on the next page. Hit Create. Enjoy!