How to reset your Zurmo user password?

There are a couple of ways for changing your Zurmo user password.

The first one is from the application’s administrative panel. You have to log in as the administrative user (by default when installing Zurmo the name of the administrative user should be “super”). After you log in, navigate to the administrative user dashboard by clicking on “My Profile” under your user name. zurmo_sc_08 From there you will be navigated to the Administration Home. zurmo_sc_14   There you will notice a “Change Password” button.   zurmo_sc_04Just type the new password and then repeat it. However, these steps would help if you just want to change your password to a more secure one for example.

In case you have lost your password, the second way of changing it will be useful for you.

The Zurmo developers have implemented a powerful multi-layer password encryption mechanism in recent versions of the CRM. This is why just changing your password through PHPMyAdmin by hashing it with MD5 won’t do the trick. Members of the Zurmo community have developed an additional script to change user passwords though. Here’s the link to this script’s source code:

To execute that script you need to have SSH access. You can take a look at the articles on SSH from our Knowledge Base before you get started.

Zurmo scripts that change functionality and may cause changes to the behaviour of the script are located in app/protected/commands/.  You can enter that directory with the cd command. For example:

$ cd ~/public_html/app/protected/commands

You have to create a file named ChangePasswordCommand.php in app/protected/commands/ of your Zurmo installation folder with the exact same content like the file of the link from GitHub.

*Note: To make a Zurmo script executable its name has to end in “Command.php”. If you decide to name the script otherwise it has to end in such manner or you wouldn’t be able to execute it.

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After that there is a command line tool named zurmoc.php through which you’ll be able to execute those commands. Here’s a way to make sure the command has become available. Type the following:

$ php zurmoc.php

After that a list with the available commands will be displayed. This would look something like this:


If you see “changepassword” in the list then you can execute the command and change the password with the following syntax:

$ php zurmoc.php changepassword –username=username –password=newpassword

After typing it, the following message will be displayed in the terminal:


If you are a client of WebHostFace, you can always contact us if you are having trouble with the change of your Zurmo username or password and our Tech Team will get it all done in term of minutes.