How to reset my Drupal admin password

If you have forgotten your Drupal admin password , there are three ways to retrieve/reset it .

1: Via the Reset Form

This is a very simple way of retrieving your password but note that this will only work if you have access to the admin email address that you have filled in during the installation. If you do, you should just go to the site login page and there you will see the “Request new password” option. This will send the password to your email address.

2: Via PhpMyAdmin

The other way is to navigate to your cPanel ->phpMyAdmin. There you should select your Drupal database and locate the “users” table.

There click on the Browse tab.
Find the administrator’s user account which is always UID 1 and click on the edit button.
In the field labeled “pass” choose MD5 from the function drop-down and type in your new password in the value form-field.
Click “Go” and that’s it !

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Your password is reset

3: Via Mysql Command Line Tool

This is a way that more advanced users would choose but you can easily perform it through your phpMyAdmin as well. You should just locate the database, click on the SQL tab and there in the blank fill in the following line:

 update users set pass=md5(‘NEWPASS‘) where uid = 1;



Change “NEWPASS” with the desired new administrative password. Then click on the GO button

That will be it ! Your Drupal admin password is changed.