How to remove Reported Attack Page warning?

If you and your visitors see the warning “Reported Attack Page!” ,  your site has been blacklisted by Google for suspicion of malware. The error looks different on different browsers:


reported attack page google

Mozilla Firefox

reported attack page google

Internet Explorer/ Microsoft Edge

reported attack page google


Why do I see “Reported Attack Page!”

The “reported attack page” warning can be due to one or more of the following reasons:

– Your website could have been infected or modified by scripts that are malicious. Therefore, Google has detected the activity coming from them and they have put the warning to protect you and your visitors.

– The sources (files, scripts, plugins, themes etc) of your website have been infected or compromised in some way as to trigger the warning. You should also delete any nulled or pirate content such as “free” plugins and/or themes.

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– Your website might be sending out malicious messages or phishing to the site’s visitors.

How to remove the malware warning?

– First of all, clean your website from viruses and malicious software. WebHostFace cPanel has a simple tool that you can use to scan and remove any viruses from your websites.

– Monitor and stop any phishing sent out by your website.

– Change the passwords of your website building Dashboard (WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc), alter the passwords of your FTP accounts and confirm who are the current users and their privileges.

– In addition, secure your mailing accounts, change their passwords.

– Clean your personal computer as it might be a victim or the source of the infection.

– Most importantly, update all software that you are using such as website building installations, plugins, and themes to the latest version.

Once you have verified the security and integrity of your website you can send a delisting request from your Google Webmaster account.

(You will be required to verify the site’s ownership prior to the request for site review.)

1. First,  sign in to Webmaster Tools with your Google account.

2. After that, select the website you want them to review from the dashboard.

3.  When that overview is complete you will have to follow the further instructions that they will provide to continue the process.

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