How to point a mailbox to Google Apps through cPanel?

If you want to take advantage of the leader in cloud business email – Google Apps for Business, all you have to do is point the Mail Exchange (MX) records of the domain name you wish to use to Google’s mail servers. First of all, you have to register a Google Apps account. Then either manually change the MX records of your domain through the Zone Editor or you can use the  Remote MX Wizard in you cPanel with WebHostFace.

In the first step of the wizard you have to select the domain you wish to use with your Google account and press Next Step.

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

In the next step you can choose if you want to configure any other of Google’s services and after finishing the selection you should press Continue & Configure domain with Google Apps.

A notice window will appear to ask you to verify the changes by clicking OK. After that the Wizard will do the necessary configurations automatically. And you are all set.

*Note: If you want to remove the configurations and point the mail services back to your hosting account with us, you should just visit the Remote MX Wizard again, choose the domain and press Continue & Remove domain from Google Apps.