What are packages and accounts in WHM?

Packages and accounts are the most important functions in the WHM (Web Host Manager) tool and they go hand in hand. For example, when you create an account in the WHM you must assign a package for it.

What are packages?

Packages are a set of limited benefits for a user. Let’s say you have a client who wants to host his/her website on your server. Through the WHM you can create an account for him/her, but without a package to define how much space, traffic, etc. his website can use, their account can use up all of your server’s resources in no time.

More details on how to create packages and set limits can be found here:


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What are accounts?

Let’s assume that you have already created a package for your client and you are ready to host his/her website on your server. Through your WHM you can add an account for them with its own cPanel, reconfigured limits and everything with just a couple of clicks.

More details how to create accounts in your WHM can be found here: