How to manually update your OSClass

In some cases you might need to update OSClass manually, instead of automatically. But don’t you worry, the process is not so hard and you will be able to perform it fast and effortlessly. Just follow this guide:

  • Backup your files and database
  • Download the latest OSClass packages from their website.
  • Upload the new files via FTP or SSH and then replace the old files. This includes the oc-content and oc-includes directories, as well as subdirectories (copy and replace the files inside the folders and not the whole folders). Make sure that you do NOT delete the config.php file.
  • If you have Permalinks enabled, first disable them
  • Update your installation by typing and you will see a button appearing if your database needs updating

Note: For versions before 2.4 you should go to

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace
  • Enable Permalinks if disabled

As you can see nothing much to it. If you still have troubles check with our operators on our 24/7 Live Chat and we will gladly help you out.

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