Linux ping command

If you wish to test your connection to a server from your Linux system you can use the Linux ping command. In this article, we’ll show the basic usage of the Linux ping command and it’s most used part ping -t. This is a great article for both beginners and experts who wish to master the Linux ping command.

How ping works

ping stands for Packet Internet Groper. It uses the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) to send an echo request message. If the listening server can answer it sends an echo message back, displaying information to the user.

Basic usage of Linux ping command



The number of bytes received // 64 bytes from...
The IP address of the domain //
Sequence Number // 1, 2, 3...
The response time // 3.04, 3.04, 3.02

linux ping -t

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Ping limit

You can set the number of times ping is run. By default, it runs until stopped

ping -c 3

linux ping -c

Setting ping ttl

ping -t 60

linux ping -t

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