How to install phpBB manually?

If you are using our hosting packages, then you can quickly and easily install phpBB through our cPanel auto-installer – Softaculous. If, however, you want to install phpBB manually, then follow this simple procedure to do so:

  • The first step is to download the phpBB installation package from the official phpBB website. Choose the latest version and download the .zip archive file to your computer.

download phpbb installation package

  • Next you should upload the archive file to a folder in your hosting account using FTP or the cPanel File Manager. After that just Extract the archive into the folder you wish your forum to open from.

*Note: Make sure there is a domain or subdomain (eg.; pointed to that folder, unless you desire to open it through a subfolder. Also make sure that the files are extracted in the folder you desire to and not some subfolder (eg. phpBB3) as that will make your forum open through that subfolder (eg.

  • Open the domain or subdomain you have uploaded the phpBB installation package to. Feel free to read through the Introduction, License and Support documentation if you so wish.

phpBB manual installation introduction

  • The next step is to press on the Install tab and look through the requirements to install phpBB manually. All of them are met on the WebHostFace servers so you can click Proceed to next step to continue.

install phpBB manually requirements

  • Installation compatibility is tested on the next page and again it should present no issues as WebHostFace servers are optimized for phpBB installations. Click on Start Install.

start phpBB manual installation

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace
  • Next up is the page to configure your database connection. You should create a new database and user if you haven’t already and connect them to your phpBB installation. You can now click the Proceed to next step button. If you have entered the details correctly, you will see a successful connection confirmation – just click Proceed to next step.

install phpBB manually database connection

  • On the Administrator configuration page you can enter the administrative details you desire for your newly installed board.

phpBB administrator configuration

  • Verify them and click on the Proceed to next step button again. If there are no errors, you will get the Tests passed message. You should click on the Proceed to next step button two more times. The second is to verify that the configuration file was written successfully.
  • In the Advanced Settings page you can configure some settings which are only necessary to set if you know that you require something different from the default. You can also change them later from the Administration Control Panel if you so need to.
  • Next you will receive a message that the phpBB database was created and populated and you should just press Proceed to next step button.
  • After that you will be presented with 2 options to convert an existing board to phpBB or to log into your new phpBB forum. And that is it, you have successfully manually installed phpBB.

install phpBB manually success

*Note: You should delete, rename or  move the Install directory before using your board. If this directory persists, only the Administration Control Panel will be accessible.