How to transfer my domain away from Google Domains?

Up until recent times Google used third-party registrars to offer domain names. Now they serve as their own registrar.

The requirements for transferring a domain away from Google Domains are the following:

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  • The domain should expire after longer that 15 days.
  • The domain name has to be older than 60 days.
  • The domain name has an extension that WebHostFace is able to register.
  • Domain privacy / ID protect should be deactivated.
  • The domain status should be unlocked.
  • A valid EEP code is needed for us to initiate the transfer.

To obtain all needed information for the transfer, please log into your Google account at and follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Domain lock and make sure the domain is not locked.
  • From Private registration choose Make my information public to swich off domain ID protect.
  • Check Personal contact information and make sure that you have access to the admin email appointed there. In case you see an email you do not have access to, edit the information.
  • Click the Expires tab or
  • Go to Transfer out and click the Get authorization code button to get your EPP code.
  • The EPP code will be sent to your administrative email. Once you get it you need to contact us, so that we can start the domain transfer.

Follow the instructions in the emails you receive from our registrar and from Google Domains to approve the transfer of your domain. We will notify you immediately after the domain transfer is completed.

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