How to sell and ship to specific locations only?

If you own a local shop, you would want to limit your sales only to places you know
you can easily ship and obtain payments. So you would want your eStore to comply
to those limitations so you don’t have to manually go through all orders. In order to
set those you need to take a few easy steps:

-> Log into your WP Admin Area
-> Go to the Woocomerce tab and then choose Settings
-> Now you have a menu with a few tabs on top. In the General tab you need to set your selling locations

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-> After you select the countries, you go to the Shipping tab on top
-> You have an option Restrict Shipping Locations. By default the option should be “Ship to all countries you sell to“.
You can keep that or choose another set of countries the same way as for the selling locations

And this is it. Now you can serve only your selected audience. Best of luck 🙂

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