How to add Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords to Joomla?

The easy-to-use back-end and the huge collection of plugins available have made  Joomla  one of the most popular web building systems. Adding Meta Keywords and Descriptions in Joomla is quite simple as well.

When posting an article, category, etc. pay attention to the  Metadata Options tab. The content you add there is  viewed by the search engines and displayed on their result pages. Follow these simple guidelines to

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  • Add a descriptive Meta title related to the content, no longer than 70 characters, which contains your focus keyword.
  • The Meta Description should accurately describe the article and it should not be more than 160 chars long.
  • Type as many as you can Meta Keywords, directly related to your post and ones you believe will attract more of your target audience.

There are tons of extensions available for Joomla to improve your SEO and we would recommend you trying SEOSimple.

More details on how to install extensions onto your Joomla can be found HERE.