How to install Joomla automatically?

The easy-to-use auto installer Softaculous, implemented in your cPanel, makes the default Joomla installation very simple and straightforward.


Once you go to the Softaculous page, on the left side you will find a list of script categories and on the right – the logos of the most popular scripts. Scroll over the Joomla logo and click the Install button.


When you go to the Joomla installation page, you can fill in the installation details. On top there is a drop-down menu, from which you can select the Joomla version you wish to install.

Joomla installation

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Note: We do not recommend Joomla 1.5, as this is an older, more vulnerable version. The Joomla community has discontinued the support for Joomla 1.5 and you will not be able to get extensive help online.

If you wish to install Joomla on the main domain (for example, select the domain from the menu and leave In Directory. In case you want Joomla in a subfolder, eg., type the name of the subfolder: joomla in the In Directory field.

You can also set a strong password for the Joomla administrative page. The tool below the password field will help you evaluate if the password is strong enough.

If you are not sure on the other details, you can leave them as they are by default and click the Install button on the bottom.

Once the installation is complete, you will see the links to the administrative page and the directory, where you have installed your Joomla. You will also receive your Joomla username and password on your administrative email.

Joomla installed