How to install AbanteCart manually?

Installing AbanteCart manually can be done quite easily. All you have to do is follow the quick steps listed in this tutorial.


  • Upload the archive to the root directory of the domain you wish to install AbanteCart for and extract it there. *Note: You should upload them to the public_html folder of the account if you are going to use your primary domain or a different specific folder for addon or sub-domains;
  • Create a new database through the MySQL® Database Wizard and assign a user to it;



  • Go to the url where you uploaded the AbanteCart installation to, eg:
  • You will now see the AbanteCart installation page and the Open Software License, which you have to agree with to continue;

  • Next you will see some pre-install checks which run automatically to detect your system settings. Click Continue when ready;
  • Next you should enter the database name, user and password which you created earlier alongside creating your back-end unique name, username, password and email address;

  • On the next step you will be given a secure key which is used to encrypt your customers’ data and you will need when moving your customers’ data to a different shopping cart installation. And you will also have the option to install demo data to your shop or import data from another application;
  • After that the installation is complete and you should delete the install directory from the folder where AbanteCart is located;
  • You can use the links at the end of the installation to go to your new online shop or to the administration section.