How to Create a Staging Copy of Your Website to Push Live?

Staging is the process of creating a copy of your live website where you can preview any changes or upgrades before you push them live. You can prevent any downtime or unexpected errors due to unpredictable upgrade issues by creating a staging copy of your site. This process is also very useful if you want to redesign or rebrand.

You can create a staging copy of your live website to test upgrades, install plugins, themes, add new pages, or any other changes which you want to check before pushing to your live installation.

With Softaculous, you can maintain the staging as well as the production website at the same time for any changes you would want to make in the future.

For example, let’s view the staging of a WordPress website.

We will create a Staging copy of a WordPress installation in a subdirectory called “wp” as a staging location. Here is how to do that:

1) Login to your cPanel and search for the Softaculous icon. Click the icon to go to the Softaculous dashboard.

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

2) Go to the installations page as shown in the screenshot below

3) Choose the installation for which you want to create a Staging copy and click on the Create Staging icon:

The Staging page will appear with the live installation details and a form asking for details about the staging copy you want to create.

4) Fill in the staging installation details

You can enter your own details, like a subdomain or a subfolder of your choosing. You can also leave the staging directory as it is.

create staging copy

Click on the Create Staging button and that’s it, you now have a staging copy of your website! When you are ready to push your copy live, just follow the steps here.