How to connect to your shared hosting account via SFTP with FileZilla

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SFTP is a convenient way to use SSH, while also using the interface of a simple FTP. In order to connect to your shared account with SFTP through FileZilla Client, you have to:

  1. Generate an SSH public and private key as shown in our tutorial. Make sure you convert to a .ppk format (step 7).
  2. Open FileZilla and enter your host, username and password, where your host is your server IP or server name user and password are the same as for your cPanel with us.
  3. Enter port 27880
  4. Go to File > Site Manager in FileZilla’s toolbar
  5.  Click on New Site and fill in the required information
  • Host : the primary domain of your account
  • Port: 27880
  • Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Logon Type:  Key File
  • User: Enter your cPanel username.
  • Key file: upload the private key in .ppk format
    6. Click Connect and in the next pop-up enter your cPanel password