How do I Cancel My Services

We are really sorry to see you go and to see that you wish to cancel your services.

If you would like to cancel any of your hosting services you can do that through your Client Area. You simply need to verify that you are the account owner by logging in to your customer are here with us.

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Based on our experience, most of the cancellation requests are due to some technical issues our customers might have experienced. 99% of those technical issues can be fixed in a matter of minutes and we manage to help many of our members over the live chat or ticket. Prior to canceling your services you will be forwarded to our customer service assistants and they will do their best to help out.

The steps to cancel your hosting service are the following:

  1. Login in your Client Area
  2. On the top bar click on “Billing”
  3. Another bar will appear below, click on “Cancel Service”
  4. Select the Service that you would like to have cancelled and click on “Request Cancellation”
  5. Select the reason behind you decision

Any additional feedback on our services and the experience that you got with us would also be greatly appreciated as your input is invaluable to us.