How to view hidden files in your File Manager?

This article will show how to list the hidden files in your File Manager. If you use FTP, these files will be listed by default.

By default, some files, like the .htaccess file, stay hidden from the user. Often users will need to change the content of such a file and they should be able to easily find them. Here is the quick guide on the steps you need to take to make them visible:

Log into your cPanel and click the File Manager, where you will be able to see all the files in your account. To display the hidden files (also called “dot” files), click Settings button in the upper right corner of the files manager.

hidden files

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From the pop-up you will see, select “Show Hidden Files” and click Save.

hidden files

You should be able to see all the hidden files on your account. Kepp in mind, that these are system files and you should be careful whenever you modify them.

Should you experience any difficulties you can always contact our 24/7 Support Team who will gladly help you with your file settings.