How to enable Maintenance mode in Oxwall

Enabling ‘Maintenance’ mode in Oxwall is quite easy.

First, you need to log in with your administrator account in the admin dashboard.

From there you need to click on ‘Pages & Menus’ and then ‘Maintenance page’.

Near the sign: ‘Disable your site and put up the maintenance page’ there is a check-box, ticking it will enable the Maintenance mode.

Below that you have a text-box where you can type your maintenance message and it also accepts HTML code.

When you have set your message click the save button at the bottom to apply the changes and set your website into Maintenance mode.

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Now every user no matter registered,logged in or not, they will see the Maintenance message from the previous step.

To disable it you should type /sign-in at the end of your website.


At the top right corner of the page you should see a scroll bar that you can pull down to see the username and password fields.

If you need help setting it up, contact our team over the Live Chat.

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