Setup Domain Mapping for WordPress Multisite

In this step by step WordPress tutorial with pictures, we will show you how to setup domain mapping for WordPress Multisite.

First you’ll have to have your WordPress Multisite up and running. You can follow the official guide to doing that:

After the Multisite has been setup you can bind other domains that you own to your subsites. Before WordPress version 4.5 that was done using plugins like WPMU Domain Mapping, however, since version 4.6 and above that feature has been implemented by default.

For example let’s say that you have the following two domains:

where is your primary domain, while testaddon hasn’t been associated with your hosting account yet.

Step 1 – Point your domain name to the correct DNS and Create Addon Domain

After you’ve set up as Multisite we need to associate your to your hosting account. You can do this by changing the Name Servers (NS settings) for your to be the ones for your cPanel account, they’re also visible from your WebHostFace Client Area (My Account -> Manage). Then we’ll add as an Addon Domain through your cPanel and have it’s root directory to be public_html. For this we’ll navigate to cPanel -> Addon Domains and enter the following:

New Domain Name:
Subdomain: (default)
Document Root: public_html

*Note: If the Multisite that you’ve set is not your primary domain (thus it doesn’t correspond to public_html) you’ll have to adjust the “Document Root:” field to be the root directory for your Multisite.

Create Addon Domain

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Step 2 – WordPress Dashboard for the Multisite setup

After your has it’s name servers and Addon Domain settings adjusted we’ll go to your WordPress Dashboard for the Multisite. From the Dashboard we’ll navigate to:

Dashboard -> My Sites (on the top left) -> Network Admin -> Sites

WordPress Dashboard for the Multisite setup

This page holds all of our sites that are connected to the Multisite. For our example we have the following two sites:

Step 3 – Set Up domain Mapping

What we want to do here is to have to be opened like, so we’ll do the following:

Mouseover -> Edit -> Change Site Address (URL) from to

WordPress MultiSite Site change old

WordPress MultiSite Site change new

That’s all that we have to do, now our will open the content of the subsite.

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