How to display the products you have added in WooCommerce on your WordPress

When installing the WooCommerce plugging it automatically adds several pages in your WordPress which will be listed in the Pages tab.


The main page of your WooCommerce will by called “Products” by default. Of course the name can be modified from the “Pages” tab. To display it on your WordPress site, you will need to add a new Menu:


1/ To add a menu click the Appearance tab on the left -> Menus.

2/ Depending your Theme you can have different Menu locations and you will see there “Page”, “Products”, “Product Categories” and “Products Tags”.  This way you can customized your store better for your visitors to browse:

– Adding Page will add all the products.

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– Adding Products will add specific products that you wish.

– Adding Product Categories will add a category of products you wish.

– Adding Product Tags will add products only with a specific tag that you have.



Moreover, the WooCoomrce plugin adds automatically widgets to your WordPress and from the Appearance -> widgets, you can add products etc. to your WordPress sidebars.