What is the difference between a Shared SSL and a Private SSL?

Shared SSL

A Shared SSL certificate (also referred as Self-Signed) is installed globally on a server and it aims to protect all the clients that reside on the machine. Because it uses the WebHostFace server name, sometimes you can see a browser message that the connection is “untrusted”. Although it still provides a level of protection, it is far insufficient when it comes to secure logins or online payments. This is why many commercial businesses, especially e-shops, prefer to have a Private SSL.

Private SSL

The Private SSL is issued for your website and your website only. It provides a superior level of data encryption by a trusted authority and that can also be seen by your visitors. You have the freedom to apply it either on your whole website, or certain sections that need it the most – account logins, checkout pages, etc. It is a much more preferred option for e-merchants and most of the web pages that accept payments.

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