How to create a child theme in OSClass

A child theme is something like a copy of your main theme (also referred as parent theme), which inherits the look and functionality of the parent. Its main usage is so that you can test tweaks and modifications without the risk of breaking anything.

OSClass does support the usage of child themes and for their creation you have to go through a few easy steps:

  • Create a folder in: /oc-content/themes. Name is for example: yourtheme_child
  • In that folder create an index.php file
  • The inside of the file should look like this (example is with the default Bender theme) :

Theme Name: Osclass CHILD Bender Theme
Theme URI:
Description: This is the Osclass CHILD bender theme
Version: 1.0
Author: Osclass team
Author URI:
Parent Theme: bender

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  • Copy the file functions.php from the folder of the parent theme to the child theme folder
  • Create a screenshot “Child Theme” and add it to the child theme folder
  • Go to your OSClass admin panel, click on Appearance and then Activate

Easy as that! Your child theme is now created and ready to use.

If you need any further assistance creating your child theme you can contact us 24/7 via Live Chat and our operators will gladly help you out.

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