How can I change the ownership of my hosting account?

For better security the legal ownership of a particular account belongs to the person, whose details are listed in the Client area, under Account Information. This is the only person that can request any changes on the account, domain or website. Still, there are times when people sell their business, change owners or simply the business need to change the person responsible for the hosting.

This is why we made the procedure as effortless as possible.  If you wish to change the ownership  of a certain account, simply log into your Client area and proceed to Update your details:

client area

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

 Here you can change all your details as per your convenience. Don’t forget to add an avatar of yours, we are always happy to see who our clients are. The closer friendship we establish – the more fruitful our hosting partnership 🙂

Note: If you wish to change the details in the Client area, you change the ownership of all services under it. If you want to change the ownership of only one domain or account, you need to split the account into a different Client area.