Why do I get a “Certificate not trusted” error?

While attempting to open a website, sometimes the user sees an error “Certificate not trusted”. This actually is not as serious as it may sound and doesn’t necessarily mean that your personal details are vulnerable. Different browsers display this error differently, but its sources are practically the same. The two most common  reasons for the error are:

1. Website is using a free, shared SSL certificate.

2. Website is using private SSL but missing a CA (Certificate Authority).

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If it is the first reason, we strongly recommend you purchase a Private SSL, especially if you have an online shop or generally receive payments online. Having a top-notch security certificate increases your customers’ trust in you and shows them that you are prepared to guarantee their full security. You can check and purchase our Private SSL solutions through your Client Area -> Order More section.

If the Certificate Authority is missing, the only solution is a full re-installation of the Private SSL. Normally, the CA is included in the SSL package, so it cannot be added manually.

You can contact us 24/7 in the Live Chat if you have any questions or need help with your SSL certificate.