What are bandwidth and web traffic?

Bandwidth is a way to measure how much available bits you can process per unit of time – most often bits per second. In our packages you get unmetered bandwidth, which means you do not have a fixed number of available bits you can process.

However, a shared server shares the bandwidth between the users. Therefore, in case the overall bandwidth usage is low, you can use much more for your own needs. At the same time, when the usage on the server peaks, you might experience lower speed. We monitor the bandwidth usage of all accounts all the time and have included technologies to avoid all speed decreases.

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Web traffic is simply the amount of data, exchanged by your site and your visitors. The more traffic you get, the more popular your website is. There are many ways to increase traffic, from the quality of content, to the catchy design, but the most used tools is the so-called search engine optimization (SEO).