When will my account be terminated after cancellation?

Upon cancellation you are given two choices – to stop the services immediately or at the expiration date.

If you choose to cancel immediately, your account would be suspended right after the request is completed. We advise you to transfer all of your files and important information from your cPanel before choosing that option, as your access to it will also be suspended right away.

If you decide to cancel at an expiration date, everything in the account will remain active until that date. After that the account will be suspended and you will no longer have access to it.

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In both cases, we will keep a backup copy of your files for 7 calendar days after the account suspension, which can be restored by requesting it from our Support Team. After the 7 calendar days grace period, your account will be permanently terminated.

Note: If during the 7 days grace period you wish to restore the backup we store for you, you owe an additional restoration fee. If you were refunded upon cancellation, you will need to reimburse the refunded amount as well.