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WordCamp Sofia 2013

What`s up WordPress fans?

A week ago I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Sofia 2013 and would like to use this opportunity to tell you about this amazing experience and also about the upcoming features we are implementing to make the life of our customers easier.

Even at the registration process it was pretty evident it was going to be an excellent event. No one is that excited and chatty so early on a Saturday morning, after all, as were all of us – WordPress enthusiasts – gathered there. The atmosphere was buzzing and after the quick and effortless registration the organizers welcomed us with themed WordPress t-shirts and coffee, lots of coffee. 😉

As most of us had came from around 200-300 kilometers away, we had got up pretty early and had traveled for several hours just to be on this event and we were in a desperate need of some waking up. So after procuring another steaming cup of the magical black beverage, the next order of business was to decide which group I was going with. It didn’t take me long and soon after I was on the second floor of the Telerik Academy building with the other developers.

The start of the whole event was marked with lots of applause and excitement to be so close and attend lectures by renowned WordPress gurus. The first topic was about performance and environment setup and all of us were amazed of how quickly and efficiently our favorite CMS could work under the suitable server configuration. You can’t believe how important even little tweaks to the server are for a WordPress project.

After a small break and some more coffee I felt a lot more awake and ready to appreciate an excellent lecture of Marko Heijnen about building plugins. Thirsty for more fresh info we hungrily devoured all bits of valuable information in the next two lectures about JS FRAMEWORK and Templating WordPress. Templates for WordPress is always a popular theme and people seemed to enjoy it a lot, that is way you be sure to check our first-class-templates coming soon free of charge to all of our customers, because we are working hard to bring them to you.

As we all know, time flies when you are having fun and soon enough it was time for lunch but couldn’t stop thinking about WordPress all the way through the delicious sandwiches the organizers have provided.

Well recharged for what was to come we returned to WordPress Land to face head-on the challenge of WP-CLI. Yes! WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations, which lets you update plugins, set up multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.This is the hot stuff this year, I was so inspired by it that you should expect a whole range of articles and tutorials in our knowledge base concerning WP-CLI and how it can make the developer world a little bit easier and more fun.

I was really deeply immersed in the whole WP CLI business and all the possibilities in provides that I just couldn’t stop discussing it with the other hardcore WordPress fans in the pause following the lecture. But we had to break it off since the next topic WooCommerce came about with some more discussions and dreams of a better e-shopping experience in the imminent future.

And then the thing that shocked me the most was WPdotNet. I mean, seriously! But we soon understood that it was about an Emulation made possible thanks to the guys at Phalanger, which was just more amazing bit of information I love these events about. After that rather quickly, but still quite pleasantly, we went through Test Driven Development and sadly it was all over.

On the road back my mind was racing through all the invaluable knowledge I acquired in a matter of hours, that will always hold a special place in my mind. I want to thank for the opportunity to attend the event and all the professional speakers and the organizers for making all this possible.

And don’t forget – once a WordPress fan, always a WordPress fan. So take advantage of our specially optimized WordPress server environment  and watch your projects skyrocket.

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