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WebHostFace to Keep cPanel Hosting!

In June this year, cPanel announced that they are changing their entire pricing model. Starting September 1, they will be charging per cPanel account, on top of their tier-level pricing. This announcement caused quite the stir within the hosting industry as it would drastically increase expenses for providers, shared, VPS, Dedicated, and reseller users. All clients on cPanel hosting also expected to be affected by the change.

Why keep cPanel?

As soon as cPanel disclosed their plan to increase pricing, our management team started discussing how to handle the situation in a way that will be the most affordable and seamless for our clients. Right away it became clear that switching to another control panel will not be a viable option for several reasons.

Each control panel comes with a different structure and file types, which are more often than not incompatible with other panels. This makes the smooth and speedy migration of data extremely hard, as it will force customers to manually migrate files, emails, and databases. Such a migration would not only be a time-consuming hassle but most importantly, there are no guarantees that all data will work properly after the transfer.
This becomes a real hurdle for clients, who wish to switch hosting providers, especially if their current host uses a unique or custom control panel. In the competitive hosting industry, clients wish to have the freedom to switch providers whenever a better solution at a better price comes along. Custom or rare control panels stifle migration opportunities and tie clients down to a provider, with which they might not be entirely satisfied.

Another reason to keep cPanel hosting is that it remains the most reliable and secure way to manage your Linux-based account. cPanel has an enormous team of developers, who monitor and maintain the integrity of their software, apply instant patches to potential vulnerabilities and react to any suspicious activity. With over 20 years of experience in the hosting market, they have managed to develop a bulletproof structure and preserve their reputation as the company that gets what hosting security means.

cPanel is also regularly updated and offers a wide variety of innovative and well-optimized tools for clients that range from a complete newbie to an advanced developer. Everything is easy-to-use, the documentation is integrated so you know what you’re doing when you click a button. Files, emails, backups, and one-click installations are there to help you develop and secure your online presence. Complex tasks like changing PHP versions and modules, creating or managing databases, and building custom error pages can be easily performed even by a beginner with the tools in cPanel. You also get a wide variety of statistics, which you can use to track your visitors and resources.

cPanel boasts 70 million users and their forums contain abundant information about everything the software has to offer. Such a huge user base guarantees immediate detection of potential problems and faster optimization of features which can make management faster and easier. cPanel is ever-evolving propelled by the millions of user suggestions and recommendations.

Affordable cPanel Hosting from WebHostFace

Although the cPanel price spike surely affects every provider, we at WebHostFace have decided to keep our introductory pricing as low as possible. We wish to continue allowing potential clients to test our service at a small fraction of the price, so they can have the freedom to decide if they wish to commit to our hosting in the future. All new shared hosting accounts are now 80% off and start from the amazing $1.38 per month, including a full-featured cPanel! If you already have a cPanel account, we can transfer it completely free of charge. If you are new to hosting, we strongly advise that you consider cPanel hosting as it is the easiest to use and most functional option out there!

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