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Let’s build something beautiful together! You are an important part!

It’s February. Aside from Chinese New Year, the Worlds Human spirit day, February is also home to Valentine’s Day. That’s right, whether you’re single or not, Valentine’s Day surrounds us all, no matter if we like it or not.

If you will be responsible for giving a Valentine this year, and flowers and chocolate just won’t do it for you, try something technological or geeky this time.  Let everyone else crowd in the candy shops mid-February. You are the DIY type. You’re also crafty little nerd who loves pixel designs. Am I at least getting warmer?

Express your geeky love with a DIY website. Why not? Be not so secret admirer! As long as you don’t forget the Holiday, you can’t technically get in trouble! Block by block – build your future blog!

No date on Valentine’s day? Start a blog about it. It will be your love from the first ‘site’ with us! Simply enter pixellove at check out.

Not everyone loves Valentine ’s Day, but this year we did our best to make it special for all the webhosting lovers around the world.

What’s love gotta do with it?

We are offering 3 months of our Face standard shared hosting plan for only $1 total. If you have ever been wondering whether to go ahead with WebHostFace this is the time to make your wise decision. To qualify for the promotion all you need is to have a single buck in your credit card. Absolutely no other additional payments are required. You will have 3 months to evaluate our stable and reliable service – suitable for both beginners and advanced users, personal, business and corporate use, low rank or high ranking websites.

And that’s not all- the first renewal of this lovable promotion subscriptions will be with 50% off the regular price on yearly billing cycles.

Ready for a sweetheart of a deal?

Our VPS and Reseller plans are on 50 % off sale now!

Enter pixellovevps for VPS plans or pixellovereseller for Reseller plans as a discount code when checking out. Put a little love in your cart, start today!

“I’m gonna pick up the pieces, and build a lego house. If things go wrong we can knock it down. “

Ed Sheeran


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