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Twitter: You`ve got DM [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Hey, I just met you…and this is crazy…but here’s my Twitter, so DM me maybe…”

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WebHostFace Twitter Tweety speaking.

Today we were going talk about what was going to be the hottest piece of news in the social media world – Twitter’s policy regarding Direct messages. After allowing the option to receive direct messages from any follower without the need to follow back for just a month, Twitter decided to backtrack and claimed everything to be just an experiment. People and especially whole marketing departments were overjoyed for awhile since such a major change was going to be a huge step for Twitter.

There are some speculations that Twitter tested a possible idea to roll out a stand-alone DM application much like Snapchat. But for the now-being we only know that it was an experiment conducted on the part of the Twitter community and it’s already over. But for the sake of argument let’s imagine for a second that Twitter didn’t revert back the change and people can freely send and receive DMs to and from anyone.

What are the reactions of the update? They vary from indifference to downright panic. Early studies tend to conclude that this move is good for brands, good for spammers and bad for consumers.

I would say that there is no need to panic. I thoroughly enjoyed using Twitter over the last year and found it really helpful for making new connections, hearing feedback, sharing advice, and just having fun! Although the change didn’t pull through, as a marketer I would have definitely found it a great opportunity, even as I see myself straddling both the brand marketer and consumer worlds. A marketing manager like myself welcomes any opportunity to connect more easily and straightforward with existing and potential customers. And as an everyday Twitter user, I’d prefer it if my DM inbox wouldn’t be stuck with spam.

Before this update, publicity was the keystone of Twitter’s features – trending topics, hashtags, lists, etc. all supported public communication. While this’new’ option offered a fairly minor change, such DM policy adds an element of privacy rarely seen on the channel. Private communication via Twitte DM gives followers a more personal and secure customer service experience, while reducing negative conversation about your brand at the same time.

As a young and developing company, ours is opting to receive feedback from anyone. After all, if a customer wants to reach out to us through Twitter, we don’t want to shut off the opportunity. Twitter’s update might have helped open the customer service for better access and communication, but you can still contact us freely and openly about any topic @WebHostFace and @WebHostFaceHelp.

In the mean time you can take a look at our visual on this matter:Twitter DM

Inspired by: Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

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