Tweeting the good customer service @WebHostFaceHelp

Tweeting the good customer service @WebHostFaceHelp

For years companies have used Twitter to post a daily blast of news, broadcasts, and deals — all in the name of engaging their customers. Today, it is one of the most rapidly-growing Social CRM channels, where millions of people express their own opinion, ask questions and share statuses.

We have all asked ourselves the question – “How will Twitter evolve? How will it monetize?“. Even though seeing them experiment with ads and sponsored tweets, everyday statistics reveal that click through rates on social networks like this are estimated as low. What is more, gone are the days when people would call up a company and complain. Now, people are more likely to head to their smartphones or computers to tell the world how they feel about your product or a service. And that is simply because people prefer to spend their time communicating with each other. That’s why customer service is becoming increasingly important on social media platforms like Twitter.

So, is Twitter the natural evolution of customer service?

Definitely, yes!

Using it as a micro blog platform is not the case anymore. I think that Twitter has the unique opportunity to tap into the remunerative CRM space. It is yet another option for us to communicate with our customers, so I will not lie if I say that we are 24/7 Twitter available 🙂

Stating that we are on Twitter will be a statement that will not impress anybody. As a modern company we are now using it as a social messaging platform that will help us communicate better with you – our precious customers. We will hear what’s being said. We will filter what is important and we will respond quickly and suitably.

@WebHostFaceHelp is dedicated solely to responding to customers who need help. While creating our own social media strategy, we were mostly thinking about our customers and how to make getting help and assistance easier. Thus, we have separated our Twitter accounts and set one specially dedicated to answering customer service questions, so that make the lives of our customers much easier. It’s all about customer delight!

You will be assisted by knowledgeable personnel specially trained to answer technical questions quickly and accurately. Our cross-functional team focuses on @WebHostFaceHelp for listening and engagement 7 days a week. This team includes Customer Service, Sales and Technical Support agents. We have also dedicated a supervisor for Twitter customer service. Because service should always come with a smiling face!

Find us @WebHostFace and @WebHostFaceHelp – we’ll be happy to listen to you and we love to talk about hosting!

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