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Free health and fitness icons pack – Free website graphics

Yes, the summer season is here to stay for a few months and with the vacations planned ahead everyone wants to get in shape. Men want to have that ripped body while women crave to fit into bikini size 8. Singles desire to look more attractive when they go to the beach or a bar. Boost your websites with our free health and fitness icons sets – professionally designed by our experienced designers.

From ballerinas to yogis and celebrity trainers, there are thousands of people working every day to revolutionize the way people think about health, fitness, and happiness. To stay in shape we need to focus on what we eat, do we exercise or take a closer look into our daily routines. If you have a website in the fitness and health industry, you can easily use the free health and fitness icons we offer to make your site more professional.

Follow along and be inspired to work it out- here's a new addition in our hand-drawn #FreebieFriday collection of free health and fitness icons set. Everyone wants to be fit, to be strong and attractive, to live healthy, which is why the first set of fitness icons is appealing to everyone.

Covering exercise and heart health, the fitness icons highlight what a person needs to do to get in shape. Included is a water bottle, stop watch, weight, heart rate icon, weighing scale, apple, trainer, clipboard, biceps and tablet container. The vivid design of our free health and fitness icons ensures the icons are easily understood by every person. Use the icons in fitness related brochures and flyers or in websites and apps.

For the second time in a row of the free health and fitness icons are rendered in four different sizes: 500×500, 256×256, 128×128, 64×64 pixels and the format is .png. Feel free to download the free pack of fitness icons and use/re-share as you please. Let us know how much you like them in the comments below.

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Free health and fitness icons pack – Free website graphics download

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