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Quack Ahoy vol.2 : The Dehydrated Quacks

The end of September came again and with it – our hometown’s Charity Week with all its wonderful events and causes. Just like last year, WebHostFace gladly contributed to the cause and yet again, the rubber duck race across the river was the most awaited event by adults and children alike. This time around, the collected funds from the race are to be invested in the Children’s Railway – a remarkable ride located on one of our hills which goes on short trips around interesting sights for the youngest. Its last stop should be rebuilt with added lighting and security cameras, reviving this joy ride from the dust and bringing fond memories from our generation when the railway tours were in full steam.

2014 was a little erratic in terms of climate changes. The winter was very warm and the summer had frequent downpours which made every day a weather surprise. These caprices of Mother Nature unfortunately affected the rubber duck race and it was delayed for a week because of bad weather. Going there the following week we were met by discouraging news – the event would happen but without the actual race, because the river levels were too high to control the little yellow rubber friends. Utterly disappointing.

The organizers of the charity week still made their best to turn the event into an entertaining afternoon for all who came and I have to say they did a pretty good job at that, considering the main event was stripped away. The sun was still shining and happy people were still arriving with their families so why not make the best of it, right? And this is exactly what we did! The sponsors had provided the kids with a huge inflatable castle and there were tables for arts&crafts where people from all ages were creating and decorating post cards for charity. There was a cheerful atmosphere, children and pets running around, parents trying to keep up with their toddlers and lots of laughs.

WebHostFace @ Rubber Duck Race

Even though the rubber ducks did not make their annual river swim, they were still invited to the party too. Anyone could purchase one and they got them on spot. Each duck came with its own race number and those numbers were later entered in a big raffle. I am a strong believer of positive attitude and how it can affect all your ventures and bring them to a positive result. Well, my believes were contagious and the draw was very favorable for our team. We managed to snatch a few gift bags as Lady Luck was firmly resting on our shoulders.

At the end of the day, race or no race, we all had some fun, the cause was supported and the children enjoyed every minute of it…even the scary looking man in a bunny suit (imagine the Donnie Darko rabbit in a little brighter mood) was a hit. At least they gave me another year to design the perfectly aerodynamic duck and blow away the competition. Now, who can tell me where to find a fingernail-sized rocket engine and stuff it in a rubber duck? Anyone?

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