Picking the Right Sales Employee

Picking the Right Sales Employee

It doesn’t matter if you’re a starter or a veteran company in the hosting business when it comes to obtaining a skillful and efficient Sales crew. Being on the front lines of the defense against the advancing hordes of customers, their personality and skill set would be key in gaining and retaining the satisfaction of this diversified crowd. But what does it take to determine which candidate is a diamond in the rough and which one would just be an occupant of your office space? Experience has taught me that this wouldn’t be such a burdensome task if you take in mind just a few simple pointers.

Picking the Right Sales Employee - Present a good CV

The CV is the first impression an employer can get from the job seeker, but I personally undermine its importance a little, due to the misleading image it can create. Anyone can google how-to’s or get a friend/relative to write and style a pretty decent CV. Sure, you can use a trick or two to demand their attention like asking for an unusual Subject on the email or including an extra task like attaching a photo of a cat, but generally this will give you scarce information about their character and ability to deal with the diversity of the customer base. A two-way interaction is the next logical step…

The personal interview is the component with most influence on the pre-hire part of the process. This is where the good manager needs to step in. Attend the interviews personally whenever possible – after all, who knows the company values and needs better than the one that runs it. Always trust your intuition but choose rationally. Avoid the cliches and the one-way conversation, be thought-provoking, send the candidate from the grim interview room directly to your world and the daily brain-teasers that accompany it. Try a few simple scenarios the Sales staff faces currently, ask for argumentation even on Yes/No questions, you can even include a logical riddle. This is the nutritious soil to nurture a creative and enterprising mind and this is when the worthy shall shine. For example, putting anyone into a position of a client with a certain question/issue should be no problem as we are all clients in our daily lives and we all have experienced good or bad treatment as such. Being on the other side of the fence requires a change of the thought process and shows uncovers the mental flexibility of the job seeker. This way you can choose the right starter pack and move forward…

Picking the Right Sales Employee- Initial Sales Training

The initial training is where things get serious. Such a key milestone demands as much company involvement as possible. You can get by with a short training and demanding the employee to learn on the go, but in the hosting business this strategy might prove to be inefficient in the long term. What you want is to build and nurture company and product loyalty in your staff, you want to show willingness to invest in them. Previous experience takes a backseat on this one, start everything from ground zero and build their knowledge upwards, step-by-step. You will soon learn that the brightest minds are not always the ones that have heard of Hosting before, or knew its specifics. Keep very close track of the training process, test the candidates occasionally to see if they are keeping up, help whenever needed. At the end of this “trial” you should have a pretty good idea who have the potential to become wonderkids and who are struggling. Lose the latter and now you have your future sales core. Still, your work is not yet done…

Picking the Right Sales Employee- Ongoing sales projects

The ongoing side projects and tests are something that need not be overlooked. You might have a great bunch of young minds at your disposal, but if you don’t stimulate their brains to constantly evolve, they will just reach a certain peak and be satisfied. Engage your sales staff in various personal projects that demand creativity and alternative thinking, just give them the outlines of task and see how they deal with the details. This also separates the ambitious and involved people from the ones that can just follow direct instructions and cannot deviate from the basics. But one can wonder – isn’t that too much work for one person only. Well, yes it is, this is why you…

Picking the Right Sales Employee- Teamwork

Trust your seniors! If your hosting company has succeeded in building the much needed mutual loyalty, you have another great tool at your disposal – the staff that already passed many training processes. You can easily get help from some of your seniors and put them on the other side of the fence, they already know your values and aims and can only assist in fulfilling them. Not only that, but your seniors are a priceless asset when it comes to future hires. Set up some kind of a nice Referral Program and whenever you need a new hire, first post the requirements internally. People like to communicate with others close to their interests so you can trust the judgement of those who have already shown their qualities. Build a bonus system, lets say if Sales Rep 1 recommends Sales Rep 2, and Rep 2 “survives” more than 6 months in the company, Rep 1 gets $xx.xx.

In its essence, the hosting business is just like any other, but it needs its sales geniuses more than ever. The evergrowing customer demands, constant innovations in the tech industry and the legions of competitors leave you with the sole option to fight for survival. In the War for Hosting this can only mean one thing – get the best Sales warriors and you can get a good night sleep, knowing that your business is well looked after.

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