You are currently viewing Phalcon, a high performance PHP MVC framework enabled on  WebHostFace servers

Phalcon, a high performance PHP MVC framework enabled on WebHostFace servers

In the world of professional development today, PHP Frameworks are in one of the leading places for creating bigger projects and corporate websites. The main reason is that they work with already tested and ready-to-use functionality, keep the code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), provide countless tools and libraries and offer easy and intuitive file organization. All these factors let PHP frameworks, such as Zend, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter and many others, give any online project a definite productivity boost.

Released only two years ago Phalcon is currently considered one of the top three most promising PHP frameworks for 2014 (after Laravel). Why?

The majority of PHP Frameworks depend on a huge number of code lines and files, which are interpreted and executed on each request by the web application. If you have a bit more complex application, this will lead to a significant deterioration in speed and increase in server requirements. Although a reasonable hardware is able to compensate for such decrease in speed, the Google element remains, making speed an important factor in page rankings. For more elaborate functionality-packed websites, even a slight delay in loading might result in the loss of valuable SEO and Google positions.

The creators of Phalcon have spent several months in researching the nature of PHP, the source of the above described delays and all possible fixes. What they have found out is that if the whole framework is written in C, this will significantly reduce the loading time and server resources required to perform each PHP operation.

C is a general-purpose programming language, which is popular for its high execution speed and small amount of used resources. With Phalcon you don’t need to learn or use the C language, since the functionality is exposed as PHP classes ready for you to use. Phalcon is also loosely coupled, allowing you to use its objects as glue components based on the needs of your application.

Phalcon at WebHostFace

Knowing the advantages and benefits Phalcon brings to our customers and server performance, our tech gurus have implemented it into every hosting package we offer. Even if you are a shared server user, you can optimize your work and avail Phalcon with just a click from your cPanel. Working in collaboration and knowing Phalcon in details our server administrators have managed to create a platform, which gets the best out of the framework, ensures its smooth performance and leaves you with only the benefits of this innovative technology.

Have you used Phalcon on our servers? Are you happy with the advanges our Phalcon PHP hosting offers? Let us know in the comment below.

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