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It is not a rebrand, it is what we are!


Just under half an year ago the decision was made to bring a brand new to life. Our ambition was simple- a fresh identity that better aligns with what the web hosting area has developed into in the past couple years. Today, we bring you a fresh new look that is more visually appealing, enhances your user experience, and helps you discover all of the great features that are available. Its not that our old outlook wasn’t working anymore, quite the contrary actually, we simply wanted to build up on that and do what we always aimed to do – evolve and improve.

The Story Behind the WebHostFace promise

Company culture is always a tough thing to define. It’s a set of values, beliefs, and styles shared, felt, and propagated by each and every member. Ideally, it’s something that develops organically based on the mix of people and personalities present in your head-quarters. It should not be a predefined path because its no use predicting the future – we just let nature takes it course in forming what we believe is a better and more recognizable brand.

Here, at WebHostFace, we care a lot about company culture. That kind of energy is contagious, and we know our customers already appreciate our service-with-a-smile approach. But as we evolve and progress, we knew it was critical that our organization remained fresh and up-to-speed with the latest hosting trends. So we observed! We always had one eye out on what is going on in the industry while duly servicing our beloved friends that put their trust in our company. Rush decisions are often taken in times of urgency leaving them open and vulnerable to all kinds of subsequent problems. Luckily we never had that sense of urgency on our shoulders and we could plot our next step as careful as a minesweeper on duty.

To sustain our culture, we first had to tackle the tricky task of defining it. The whole process was refreshing and insightful and allowed us all to work as a team and focus on our own values, aims and aspirations for the business.

“We are WebHostFace!

Nice to meet you! We are perfectionists in all that we do. Armed with ideas and skills we will be honored to help you perfect your business too.”

Introducing Our New Brand & Website


It’s been over two years since we launched and WOW what a journey it’s been! Two years after experiencing the first thrill of launching our very own website we have had amazing adventures, participated in a lot of social causes and made a clear shoutout to all – we are here to stay!

Today I’d like to announce the thing we have been preparing you for a while – new branding and website. We’ve redesigned our entire look and feel from scratch, the logo presentation, typography and color scheme on both our website and Customer Area were altered, focusing on ease-of-use and an exceptional user experience.

 WebHostFace Customer Area redesign

With only a handful of pages, WebHostFace’s team carefully crafted each one, honing every detail until it was exactly right. Recent trends like Google Material Design, geometrical style and flat UI design were also duly followed. Content is now presented in a large single-column format with “billboard” sections that carve away clutter and give the site a more stylish look.

The “Infinite” part of the branding has been designed to work on its own and has two distinct elements. The inner “filament” represents the strong connections within the company and the hexagon container suggests the multi-faceted nature of the brand as a whole.

No more stock photos- Our true face is you!

Remember those nice, friendly bunch of guys all over our website? Even though we at WebHostFace will greatly miss them (well alright, lets not exaggerate, we KINDA miss them) as they represented our friendly faces and positive attitude towards our customers, these stock photos are not exactly unique and are definitely not an adequate presentation of who we truly are. For the last couple of years we happened to stumble upon them on various websites, Facebook Ads and promotional materials all over the Internet. This has nothing to do with our strive for seeking uniqueness and being fully honest and open to you all. You will notice they are now replaced with daring, custom graphics and text that reflect the company’s personality and approach to work.

Designing With Nature’s Perfect Shape

With the rising popularity of the Metro style and the overall minimalistic trend, geometric elements were a natural choice for our design team to play along with. Their clean and simple shapes were just great for the slick-looking web design we were aiming for, making the website layout unique and creating a special atmosphere. Curves and hexagons were used to implement the refined branding throughout the pages. There was a special meaning behind the 6 walls of the hexagon too: Communication, Balance, Union, Harmony, Equality, Perfection. It was a really fitting way to showcase our brand promise.

It may also be noteworthy that the shape of the hexagon, also called “nature’s perfect shape,” is used in beehives. Bees knew this was coming long before we did, those sly buggers. Jokes aside this is really an amazing example of how the natural world often follows mathematical rules perfectly.

Pursuing Perfection

After looking at the screenshots below, you’ll notice that we’ve also changed our tagline to “Web Hosting configured to Perfection”. There is not a lot to be said here as it was a natural decision – we just truly believe in that. We have the right-sized, right-priced hosting plans for your online needs and we are not afraid to say it! At WebHostFace, we want to help you create nothing less than an excellent business, mediocrity is not an option. is now 100 % Mobile-Friendly

Apart from the brand new look has a new feel that includes a responsive website design! As mobile perfection for the visitors is detrimental for website traffic, responsive design is built-in from the ground up to ensure the site displays in a layout relevant to whatever mobile or desktop device users are viewing it in. So now less means more.

In fact, yesterday -April 21st was said to be the big day that Google started rolling out the “mobile friendly” search update – the scary Mobilegeddon. The rumors that Google plans to release a new algorithm designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages, combined with the raising numbers of visitors using mobile devices, lead us to decide that the brand new had to be on first place mobile friendly. Going responsive also enabled us to ‘clean house’ and update the design of the site so that it can accommodate some of the exciting new features that we are looking to introduce later this year. Oh yes, you can be sure that there is much more to come in that direction 😉

WebHostFace  new website

It’s an exciting time for us at WebHostFace and I hope you enjoy our new look we crafted with so much love. The new website allows us to communicate with you in ways we could never do in the past. Come and visit the new, say “Hello”, leave a review even, we don’t mind *wink-wink*. After all every project starts with a friendly conversation.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you of all – my colleagues for the endless overtime shifts, our customers for sending us those amazing personal successful stories and everyone else, who helped make it possible!

I’d encourage you to spend some time navigating around the updated site and should you have any feedback, please send it in either by responding to this blog post or via the survey that we’ll be performing in the next weeks. I’m very much looking forward to learning what you all think of the new responsive site. A small step for WebHostFace, a giant leap to a better hosting service!

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