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7+1 Most popular websites in the World – How are they built?

You have all heard of them… You have most probably visited them at some point in time… But have you ever thought about how those websites actually work, “what is behind the curtain” so to say? What makes them so visually compelling, while still running fast and performing well under pressure?

As you might have guessed, a lot of the most popular websites in the world have whole development teams behind them. They have to make sure that the site will be able to handle very high traffic demands, run fast and provide an excellent user experience. So often they have to employ advanced, custom-built technologies to do the job.

Surprisingly, some very popular brands and organizations still stick to well-known frameworks and CMS softwares (with heavy customization, of course). Let’s take a look at 7 of the best examples…plus 1 bonus, just for you 🙂

1. Sony Music

The global music conglomerate is showcased by a very stylish and smooth website. In the world of music first impressions are crucial and Sony Music certainly makes a good one. But what do we see under the hood? Turns out that this site, like numerous others from the most popular websites in the world, relies on WordPress for their online portfolio. News, Careers, Videos…this is a great example of what WordPress is really capable of.

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2. Mozilla Blog

WordPress has proven time and time again that there are no boundaries to its potential, but just a decade ago it was only known as a blog CMS. This is what they did best and this is what skyrocketed them among the most popular website building apps.

Naturally, many big brands are aware of that and trust WordPress with their high traffic blogs. Mozilla is one of those brands with a community so vast that speed and uptime are crucial. Good thing WordPress seems very capable for that tough job.

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3. Forbes Magazine

When you think of respected business media, Forbes is probably right there at the top of your list. The prominent magazine covers everything notable in business, politics, technology, science, and their lists (like the Top 50 Richest People) are anticipated with the same thrill as the Oscars.

Forbes Magazine actually has a commercial use for their website – subscriptions and books can be easily purchased with a couple of mouse clicks. How do they do that? OpenCart! Might come as a shock, but the e-commerce platform is performing flawless and can handle online shops of any size.

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4. Intel

High demands” is underrated when it comes to Intel. The multinational technology giant is visited by a ton of people at any point of the day and needs them all to have a perfect experience. This is why they have chosen Magento for their online shop section. Proven efficiency for big websites, advanced customization, smooth navigation – all seems well with the relationship between Intel and Magento.

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5. iTickets

Ticket portals often experience high traffic spikes. After all, the more events you have available, the more resources you would need to handle the growing number of visitors. iTickets had an interesting solution to that problem – Laravel. More and more people come and ask if our shared hosting packages support it and it seems that even novice users are starting to get the hang of it. If iTickets can do it, why can’t you?

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6. Linux

Linux might be a non-profit organization, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a fast and cool website. A huge community like that requires a constantly updated stream of information plus easy means of communication with each other. Linux chose Joomla and Drupal for that. The Joomla CMS has lost some of its shine in recent years but some of the most popular websites in the world still employ it for their needs. Drupal is steady in its performance and has no spikes nor lows and has attracted some very large companies and they use it for their websites

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7. Harvard

One of the best and most desired colleges in the world is also fond of Drupal. Well that, and a bit of custom development in the mix. Over 25000 students and staff use the Harvard website on a daily basis, heck, you all remember where Mark Zuckerberg started from. If such an establishment believes that Drupal can satisfy its needs, then why shouldn’t you?

8. Your Website

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