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Made in Movember 2014

The month of Movember is here again and the sweet time when you can get away with not shaving (the guys at least) is upon us. In order to get this pass however, you have to help spread awareness towards testicular cancer, prostate cancer and other men-health issues.

As a socially-engaged company, we are strongly concerned about the health of men worldwide. That is why we are participating fully in the Movember activities.

Inspired by the Movember Foundation, which helps raise awareness and funds for the lives of men affected by cancer and mental health problems, we are having a competition to see who has the most abundant and manliest moustache of the Mo Bros at WebHostFace. And the best part is that our online community gets to judge. So be sure to check our photos and give us your vote with a #facemoustache hashtag, share, retweet, or comment till December 1, 2014 (closing date). The winner gets to represent WebHostFace’s men in front of all authorities in the Universe and beyond until next year – so be careful who you vote for.

WebHostFace 2014 Movember Photo Contest

We are also raising funds to donate to the Movember Foundation which is working to improve the lives of men affected by testicular cancer, prostate cancer and men-health issues.

For those of us not shaving this month, here are some tips on how to look after your facial hair, (until you shave it off in December, that is):

1.      Wash and shampoo your moustache and beard regularly, just like your hair. A mild shampoo will be more gentle on your skin.

2.      You may use a conditioner on your beard but don’t expect amazing results, the hair on your face is more rough than the one on your head because of all the shaving, but it will still make your beard feel softer. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly.

3.      Blow-drying is not really recommended as it can be harsh on your skin. Gently pat and wipe your beard dry with a towel.

4.      To remove tangles,  comb your moustache and beard with a wide-toothed comb. You can finish up by using a brush if you want a sleeker result.

Good luck to all of our hairy monsters!

Update: Radoslav gets the FIRST place for a great stache-effort!

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