Long Shadow Love: Free Flat Icon Set

Long Shadow Love: Free Flat Icon Set

Flat design has been around for some time now, and it seems it's here to stay. We have talked a lot about this tremendously hot topic in our previous posts. A design that looks spacious, simpler, with almost no distraction. A design that lets you focus on the content instead of wandering around.

What comes after this trend?

The new emerging tendency these days appears to be the long shadow trend, which seems to be a response to the flat design or rather an evolved style. The shadow itself gives a sense of depth, while still maintaining the flat look. One will definitely notice this trend affecting UI elements and mostly icons. There are also those courageous designers that will try to implement it in the whole website design.

But what is long shadow exactly? Well, it is just that – long shadows. The defining element of the flat icon has a long shadow. Usually the shadow is designed at 45 degree angle of the whole length of the icon. The result is stunning! The contrast between the 2D feel of flat icons and the 3D effect from the long shadows make the icons a really preferable choice.

This trend has undoubtedly impacted icon design as well. So what we decided to do, inspired by the new hot trend, is offer you a stunning pack of Free Long Shadow Icons.

Yes, it’s time for another Freebie Session!

Long Shadow Flat Design Icon Set

Today’s freebie set contains a long shadow flat set of icons as a compliment to our blog readers. Feel free to use them and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the latest trends in web design. We’d love to hear from you!

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    1. Nice Freebies. I really appreciate! Keep up the good work

      1. It feels really good to see that this project is appreciated :)Thank you!

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