You are currently viewing ISPmanager – Premium Hosting Control Panel FREE* for 1 month

ISPmanager – Premium Hosting Control Panel FREE* for 1 month

We are happy to announce a new partner of ours in the face of ISPsystem and several of their products most prominently ISPmanager.

ISPmanager is a premium web hosting and server control panel analogous to cPanel which lets you manage loads of different aspects of you server including creating and managing hosting accounts for reselling or for any other purpose.

To celebrate this new partnership and the availability of the ISPmanager control panel for our VPS and dedicated server solutions, we together with ISPsystem are offering ISPmanager Lite FREE for 1 month with every VPS and DS order*.

If you have any questions about the ISPmanager, the promo or our VPS and dedicated server packages as a whole, feel free to leave them in the comments below or contact us on our Live Chat. We are always here to help!

*The promotional offer has expired

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