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Happy Thanksgiving for the Treasured people that we have met

(Note: This blog post assumes you’re in or from the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving.)

“Gobble, gobble,” went the turkey

in his quirky chirping way.

“Gobble, gobble,” went the turkey

up until Thanksgiving Day.


“Gobble, gobble,” went the turkey

till we turned the oven on.

Gobble, gobble went the turkey.

Now the turkey’s (gobble) gone.


–Kenn Nesbitt

Thanksgiving is coming, have you got the turkey ready? Pretty sure that the turkey itself is not feeling quite ready for its inevitable destiny.

Often in life we come across many people who have helped us, made our lives better and taught us good lessons. They may or may not be family but are truly cherished. On Thanksgiving Day we express our gratitude towards them.

How will you celebrate this festivity and enjoy the happy times? Well, whatever you plan to do, here we only want to express our sincere wishes to all our associates and dear website visitors, your spiritual support of our daily efforts and the seek of success. In this time of gratitude, we give our thanks to you. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us.

The past year has not been easy, but we all have managed to fight against all odds and come out with flying colours. We  concentrated on moving ahead instead of lamenting over the numerous challenges. We worked really hard to support our business and help it prosper.

While most of you are probably engaged in a crazy dash to pick up all the last minute items you need to cook a tasty Thanksgiving meal, we have prepared something more than just “thanks” for you…

Today, on November 11, we are announcing the Thanksgiving Promo that will last for three weeks, till November 30. During the Promo period, you all have a chance to get any of our Shared Hosting accounts with a huge 70% discount . Hurry up, the earliest bird will get the juiciest worms.

Again! Happy thanksgiving day and enjoy the shopping!

Update: Promo Expired

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