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Google Hummingbird – The healer of White Hat SEO in Hosting

Not so long ago Google introduced their Hummingbird update and everyone started scurrying – how would that affect my website, would I feel negative impacts, how exactly does that algorithm work? All valid questions but many failed to concentrate on the obvious – nothing revolutionary happened, it was just another logical step in the line of proper consumer experience Google is aiming for. And if we did not pay attention when the Panda and Penguin updates popped up, now would be the time to do so. So lets stroll through some major aspects that demand your attention as part of the SEO tactics in the hosting industry.

Build Quality Content

The keyword here is “Relevance” – focus on creating unique, helpful and relative content for the users. Always put yourself in the clients’ shoes (shouldn’t be too hard, given that we are customers in our everyday life) and determine your personal satisfaction as to what you see. Be creative, be different, be quirky, show your visitors that you know what you’re talking about and you can present it in an easily digestible way – Google Hummingbird wants to find the best answer for each search so you better be the one that gives it! Find your quality keywords and expand them – you can add synonyms, acronyms, different spelling variations.

Go Mobile

The usage of mobile devices is rocketing sky high and this trend doesn’t seem to be calming down, so put your efforts to it. Google is still behind Apple, with their Siri product, but they are working on it and hard. The optimization for voice searches in Google Hummingbird seems to be significant as it is highly concentrated on relations between words, interpreting conversational phrases. Its trying to anticipate what the user wants and find the most appropriate answers. Moreover, having an advanced learning curve, it will learn from your behavior and understand it even better. Try to anticipate how are your customers searching for the service, what keywords and phrases they are most likely to type. In short, well-structured hosting websites with a defined purpose, service and customer benefits will prosper and having a mobile version of your website will simply broaden your market even more.

Remember Google+ ?

After the initial hype of the release of their social networking service passed, it was time for a sound judgement – it just wasn’t the Facebook killer it was expected to be. And when the Facebook introduced their advanced Graph Search it was clearly all out war on all fields. The importance of Google Communities and Authorship is demanding an attention from marketers and there are even claims that the impact of the “+1” in search engine algorithms would be for real this time. Hosting companies, especially starters, will also have to expand in their social media marketing and properly use those platforms in order to gain brand recognition and reputation.


Quality of backlinks would logically matter, too. If you want to succeed in your business, you want to be seen hanging around with the best in that business. Not only it matters now who you are linked to, but also who their linking buddies are. Google Hummingbird is believed to recognize more clearly if your site is in a web of paid, irrelevant links, so if you are in such, the search engine will quickly cut you off. Identify your closest competitors and explore their backlinks, you will be sure to find many new opportunities there.

Use everything

My visions of a brighter future stem from the prospects of full freedom for creative and intuitive marketers. Being part of the hosting business for years, I have seen forum and blog websites overlooked as merely clients of that industry. Now they are as powerful SEO technique, as any other. Combining the mentioned co-citation with the opportunity to expand on quality content is killing two birds with one stone. So make yourself heard on all possible rostrums and if you really have something good to say, your visitors will gladly turn into customers.

There is still a cloud of mist, surrounding Google Hummingbird and its real impact on searches but I believe that there is no reason to dwell on it. Google has followed a steady path towards those changes for some time now as consumers become more and more demanding and we cannot blame no one but ourselves if we “didn’t see it coming”.

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