You are currently viewing Need for Speed?- Here comes our Free Transport Icon Set

Need for Speed?- Here comes our Free Transport Icon Set

In today's post we offer you a set of ready-made icons representing objects in variations of different modern transport facilities, such as Aircrafts, Bikes, Cars, Containers, Heavy Equipment, Public Transport, Rail Transport, Trucks, Watercraft Equipment, etc. These beautiful graphics are high-quality visual summery of human innovation in the transportation matter from land (and sea) to sky (and space). You can also find some cool tools like a wrench, a compass, even a tire!

WebHostFace’s Free Transport Icon Set can be used in applications for your computer or mobile devices, various websites, presentations, in Transport and Tourism industries, etc. It can be implemented in the following applications: vehicles monitoring on a map (construction, cargo transportation, assets management, fleet management), logistics applications, vehicle registration, cargo distribution, city public transport schedule, plotting of public conveyances traffic and much more. The stock icon set can be also used for teaching about the common vehicles on the road or in a guide for transport laws- the choice is all yours! The vivid vector graphics are really easy to comprehend and a great way to increase the usability of a transport-themed website, app or brand identity.

The icons are available in three sizes, 256 px, 128 px, and 64 px. All items are png. files.

Transport Icon Set

Feel free to download this free pack of Transportation Icons and use/share as you please. Letus know how much you like them! As usual- don't forget to share.

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