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Drupal Roadshow: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drupal (But Were Afraid to Ask)

About Drupal Roadshow Bulgaria

Last Friday the WebHostFace team had the pleasure to visit Drupal Roadshow – a series of meetings, organized by professionals in the IT field, whose purpose is to further popularize Drupal and extend its local and global community. Drupal Roadshow Bulgaria started in February 2014 and includes a tour in the following Bulgarian cities: Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Gabrovo, Ruse, Burgas, Varna, and will finish with the traditional yearly event Drupal Camp in Sofia. We attended the event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which was held by leading experts in web design and development, who extensively covered the advantages of Drupal, its use for various online projects and its multiple features.


The first presentation, lead by Drupal engineer and trainer Kalin Chernev, was focused on the advantages of the CMS for freelancers and how to profit from creating Drupal projects. A key point in Chernev’s lecture was that Drupal is easy to use and master even by people with no experience in web development or design, making it the right choice both for newbies in self-training and experienced professional freelancers.

The second lecturer was Ivo Radulovski – Business manager at Propeople . His topic was the application of Drupal in Business, and two of its biggest strengths in this regard. One – the free and open source nature of Drupal eliminates the spending on licences and paid additional tools. The other – the security of Drupal’s core turns this web application into a reliable solution for both business sites, as well as internal corporate data-sharing and storage. Radulovski gave examples with multiple government sites, including the one of The White House – all built on the secure Drupal platform.

The next presenter was web developer and “drupalist” Nikolay Ignatov, who introduced another two of the web application’s greatest advantages. One is that Drupal not only comes with all its most useful functionalities built in its core, but its constantly growing community provides additional modules to extend its range of capabilities. A wonderful example is the Elasticsearch Connector , a set of modules, developed by Ignatov and his team and designed to help Drupal handle big data of any kind and make it scalable.

Another key feature is Drupal’s observation and compatibility with latest SEO trends, a crucial component for the search engine popularity of any online project.

The final presentation on Drupal’s advantages in terms of front-end development and design was given by the expert in this field Kaloyan Petrov. According to his experience, this CMS’ greatest beauty is that it provides its users with full control over content and design. The absolute freedom and endless opportunities for personalization are what makes Drupal stand out among the other popular CMS like Joomla, WordPress, ModX. At the same time its interface is user-oriented and interactive, while its modules and plugins can help you create virtually any kind of website with your own type of content and categorization.

The Drupal Roadshow event ended with a short demonstration on how to build a Drupal site in a matter of minutes, as well as its main functions.


The above were just a part of the many interesting insights on Drupal. Here are some of the other bullet points, that were discussed during the Drupal Roadshow :

  • Drupal’s various free distributions – ready-to-use packages for websites with a particular functionality: e-commerce, social networks, intranets, conferences, etc.
  • The easy website migrations from other content management systems to Drupal, which is a huge advantage if you wish to use Drupal for a website you have already built, instead of starting from scratch.
  • The easy management of user accounts, user roles and user rights, a feature vital for online projects that need to engage visitors or multiple participants

Whether you already know most of its advantages and want to continue using Drupal, or you wish to give it a try for the first time, we at WebHostFace have the perfect hosting environment for your online venture. Our optimized services will help you get the best out of Drupal and our professional team will help you every step of the way.

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