Happy Customer Happiness Week! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Happy Customer Happiness Week! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customer Service Week is once again upon us (starting from yesterday, Monday, October 6). Contact and call centers all over the world – at least those that actually do care about customer service and their employees – will be celebrating. It is that time of the year, observed by businesses worldwide, to show extra appreciation and recognition to the ones who face the customers daily – the valuable people who interact with, serve and care for, and provide support to your precious customers. So the customer experience fellows, and everyone involved in making it happen, are all about to get their due. Are you ready to celebrate National Customer Service Week? Join us!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a starter or a veteran company in any type of business when it comes to obtaining a skillful and efficient Customer care crew. Being on the front lines of the defense against the advancing hordes of customers, their personality and skill set would be key in gaining and retaining the satisfaction of this assorted crowd. As someone who lives and breathes customer support, I understand that customer satisfaction is the backbone of any organization’s success. With the rapid rise of social media in the last few years, one good or bad experience a customer has can potentially fire up many others – either positively or negatively.

The importance of a superb customer service can’t be put aside now more than ever. Have you thought about who your company’s “front-line ambassadors” are? Often neglected, it’s the customer service agent. You would most probably agree with me that in order to provide great service, you have to understand what your customers really want and need from the very beginning. This usually happens through a contact center workforce professional that serves as a critical bond between a company and its customers.

These customer service representatives (CSRs) have a leading role in many corporate strategic initiatives, including customer retention, increasing revenue, and building brand loyalty and awareness – communicating the brand message all the way. The insights that your CSRs gain from customers can almost literally remodel the future of your business –all you have to do is listen to them. Thus, the purpose of this week is to take time off of our daily busy schedules and think about how integral each role is in the company when it comes to servicing a customer.

We at WebHostFace prefer to call Customer Service week something different, a name reflecting the emotion that fuels employee motivation and leads to employee engagement: Customer Happiness Week! Adding a pinch of love to everything we do indisputably brings a project to a whole new level of professionalism. Тhis paramount principle and our perfectionism have conducted us all along the way of creating our hosting solutions. You will get a service built around everlasting care and passion. “Service always comes with a smiling face” is not just our slogan, it is a way of living – the WebHostFace way. Our Customer care guys will always be there for you – helping you choose a perfect-fitting plan, matching your exact needs, or just providing you with a thorough clarification concerning our packages, features, free resources and added extras. And they work really hard doing all of this with a smile and a pinch of a geeky charm.

Customer Service week might sound like yet another commercialized festivity with no real meaning behind it besides trying to make customer service representatives feel confident in their choice of occupation. Yeah, I know that there are holidays for just about anything – few days ago we even celebrated National pet appreciation day. But for one week each year, there’s a week dedicated to celebrate customer service – a topic we all know we‘re irrationally passionate about. Sadly, there are many employees in this sector that do not know this happening exists. The reason might be the lack of participation by many call center employers. Honestly, despite the fact I have personally worked for large companies in the customer care sector, I still didn‘t have any clue that a customer service week even existed not so long ago! Although, it hasn‘t been around forever, it was certainly around for years.To be more precise, the International Customer Service Association proclaimed a customer service week in 1988 and finally in 1992 the United States Congress announced that it would be a nationally recognized annual event, the first week of October.

It takes a lot of effort for our frontline staff to be able to do their job. So to every department whose hard work makes all this possible, today please accept our heartfelt “Thank you!” for all that you do. It really does take a village! Keep up the great work and Happy Customer Happiness week!

Customer Service at WebHostFace So, in recognition of National Customer Service week, I would like to share examples of customer service that go above and beyond, and to thank the people in WebHostFace who work so diligently behind the scenes. Here are a few of many favorites:

  • Rali in tech support was wonderful. She stayed with me till my setup was complete and went out of her way with phone support even as her shift was ending this morning to make sure I was able to access my files. She was just what I needed to help me.
  • Excellent service. I had an issue with a different framework on other hosting sites, and webhostface just installed it for me so i could upload my site without any problems.
  • I’m bragging to my friends about the insanely great customer support you guys have ;))
  • Their support is beyond good and friendly! Because I’m relatively new to SSH and Git, I had some (minor) difficulties, but they have helped me extremely well!
  • From the first day when I began a chat with Mr. Rodaslov, I was impressed at the time he spent with me anserwing every question I had, then stayed with me through the transfer of my site. Never did he seem anxious to move on. He was there. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the next day, after everything was set up, I had a problem with my script-through no fault of this team, it was a new script that I purchased. I sent in a support ticket, which Mr. Vladimir answered. He spent hours of his time to find the error, which I know the few hosting companies I’ve had before would say to contact the developer, but not Mr. Vladimir. He spent his busy time to fix the issue which he found. I can’t imagine how anyone could have found that, as the developer of the script thought it might just be a missing php plug in, but it was actually a missing file within htacess. Now my new site is beautiful and running smoothly. I cannot thank this team enough for all they have done. My impression= 10 stars.
  • I want to thank you and the members of your team who went the extra mile and tested the remote access to my website database using this many tools.
  • Wow, you guys are so amazing. I can hardly believe you went above and beyond the call of duty to help. I do not know how to thank you enough. 🙂 Im very impressed.

Finally, it has always been my belief that Customer Service Week should really be celebrated every week! Because a happy Staff Means Happy Customers and these are the compound foundings of a successful customer relationship. Now, go out there and be amazing!


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