Customer Care @WebHostFace [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customer Care @WebHostFace  [INFOGRAPHIC]

Given that generic web hosting is so commoditized these days, branding is one of the few differentiators left. Becoming a brand means transferring the sustainability of your company to your customers, who will advertise and sell for you, and step up to protect you if you stumble or fail. “Branded” is a tribute, not a verb – you can’t claim it, it has to be given to you.

WebHostFace stands for the new, improved face of webhosting. We are gathered around the idea of creating a company that aims to take hosting services to a whole new level and this is why here at WebHostFace, we are all about our customers. When it comes to customer care skills, our business is focused on one thing – people. Referring to them as clients, customers or employees, their loyalty is the key to our success. Service is a Feeling. We need to pay attention to the human needs behind the business needs. The need to be truly heard, acknowledged, remembered and respected.

Literally, the entire WebHostFace staff is at the service of our customers and available to personally assist with anything, from our technical support trainees up to even our CEO. It is a regular practice to see exactly him, contact customers to assist with an issue they were experiencing, which required a lot of time and attention to resolve. Nor is it to see any of our Managers wake up late at night to respond to a customer inquiry and assist the overloaded customer care team. These are not extraordinary situations, nor are they desperate ways to boast, these are simple examples of the lengths to which we, as a company, will go to ensure the complete satisfaction of our Customers.

That degree of dedication is something which we very much take pride in. Our Customer care department stay engaged on the front lines as well as instituting new policies related to these matters in a dynamic manner with the focus always being on the Customer experience. Because after all – Service should always come with a smiling face.

I have mentioned Twitter previously, in my old blog posts, you can follow us @WebHostFace and @WebHostFaceHelp. You can also find us on Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Social media is becoming more and more vital in providing thorough Customer Service thus we are striving to stay active on virtually all major social networks. Full list of WebHostFace’s social media presence you can find on our lovely Our Community page.

Our Customer service team is young and dynamic, consisting of boys and girls that definitely know what they’re doing. Still, there are certain customer service skills that every forward-facing employee must master if they are to be interacting with customers. I’ll go over the 15 most needed skills that matter to this incredibly important position bellow:


WebHostFace Customer Care Team


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