New vulnerability in WordPress and Drupal – What does it mean for your website?

Just as I released my latest article about the Top 10 Vulnerable WordPress Plugins, a new concern about the security of WordPress powered websites appeared, as if to confirm my previous impressions.’s security researcher Nir Goldschlager discovered a PHP-level vulnerability that could result in denial of service (DoS) attacks. The exploit in question is a variant of a XML-RPC Entity Expansion (XEE) method, best described as a more effective version of the “Billions Laugh” attack. (more…)

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Top 10 Vulnerable WordPress Plugins

Hey Guys!

Spending the majority of my time online, I often encounter all kinds of “Top N-list of Something-Something” so I decided it was about time to dip my own toes in such type of article. Let’s see how this one takes off 🙂

My natural starting point is yet again WordPress. WordPress’ biggest selling point is, in my humble opinion, the astonishingly huge selection of free plugins available from the repository. While one shouldn’t simply ignore the importance of the WordPress core itself as well as the ease with which one can change up your design with themes, it is plugins that equip us with the ability to achieve just about anything. (more…)


WordPress 3.9 is out and Looking Fancy

There are so many reasons to love WordPress . From the user-friendly interface to the thousands of widgets, from the enhanced functionality to the vast and helpful community, really there is so much to adore. One thing makes it extra appealing to me tho – the developers seem to love jazz music just as much as I do and they acknowledge that by naming their updates after well-known jazz musicians. WordPress 3.9 is no difference – coming out with code name “Smith” it is a wink to the infamous Jimmy Smith, who was the revolutionary behind the strong use of the organ in jazz. Just like he brought such colorful diversity in music, WordPress 3.9 wants to be the innovator in website building. (more…)


Google embraces WordPress with their first plugin – Google Publisher

There was a gossip and commotion a few days ago, following the official release of Google’s first plugin for WordPress – Google Publisher (you can check it here). I intentionally waited a couple of days, for the initial fuss to die down before I gave it a try, so I can focus on its value instead of empty praises or criticism. So let’s start from the beginning – what is this new venture from the Big G? (more…)


Tips and Tricks: How to build your blog

In our previous articles we have already learned how to start our web project by finding the proper domain and hosting. Having the suitable name and environment we can now continue with the real deal – choosing the right application and building our website. In this article we will try to help you with some pointers about the main focal points in blog building. (more…)

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WordCamp Sofia 2013

What`s up WordPress fans?

A week ago I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Sofia 2013 and would like to use this opportunity to tell you about this amazing experience and also about the upcoming features we are implementing to make the life of our customers easier. (more…)


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