Happy Programmer’s day!

Computers, developing technology and software make the modern world go around but behind every piece of clever software stands a programmer (and rather often teams of programmers) behind the scenes, solving problems with clever code, cloud security solutions, and intense development projects. Now we can spare a thought for these digital pioneers on Programmers’ Day- a day to celebrate Programmers and thank them for all that they do! Let us greet the geeks who made our world so cool by inventing eBay & Amazon, iPhones & Androids, your laptop’s cool software, your GPS, Google, Netflix, PayPal, credit card processing, 911 emergency databases, parts of cars/trains/planes/ships and pretty much everything that has a power button on it! (more…)


Phalcon, a high performance PHP MVC framework enabled on WebHostFace servers

In the world of professional development today, PHP Frameworks are in one of the leading places for creating bigger projects and corporate websites. The main reason is that they work with already tested and ready-to-use functionality, keep the code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), provide countless tools and libraries and offer easy and intuitive file organization. All these factors let PHP frameworks, such as Zend, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter and many others, give any online project a definite productivity boost.



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